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    Registration is Almost Open Dear Parents, We're excited to announce that registration for the upcoming fall semester is just around the corner! As we prepare for another enriching academic term, we want to ensure you have all the information and resources you need to support your child's educational journey. Please take a moment to fill out the form below to receive additional details about the registration process, important dates, and resources available to both you and your student. We appreciate your proactive involvement in your child's education and look forward to another successful semester together. Best regards, Axios Jonesboro's Christian Academy Fill Out the Form to Recieve an Info Packet First Name Last Name Email Request Information Thanks for submitting!

  • HYPHEN | Pentecostals Of Jonesboro

    ABOUT HYPHEN The focus of Hyphen is to help join its members with each other and the church. Members of Hyphen learn to navigate the challenges of college, career paths, and relationships in the context of ministry. We strive to develop a strong walk with God that will carry us through life. Hyphen is for those 18 - 30 Unmarried WITH DIRECTOR DUSTIN & LACY THOMAS SUNDAYS 9AM - HYPHEN ROOM Schedule WEDNESDAYS 7PM - STUDENT SERVICE IN HYPHEN ROOM

  • SOCIALS | Pentecostals Of Jonesboro

    Social Media POJ uses social media to connect with people and share the life-giving message of Jesus. Social media is a secondary means of communication—if you need immediate assistance, please email us at

  • POJ | Pentecostals Of Jonesboro

    Hope Lives Here PLAN A VISIT ABOUT POJ Welcome! We are so glad you have visited the Pentecostals of Jonesboro (POJ). We believe you will find POJ to be a friendly place. Join us for our weekend worship service at 9AM for Sunday school and 10AM for worship, or our midweek service on Wednesday at 7PM . You will enjoy a dynamic time of praise and worship, special songs, and a relevant message from God’s Word for your life. Watch Live BIBLE STUDY Upcoming Events PRAYER Purpose Institute GIVE Share the Gospel. Grow Disciples. Strengthen Families. 5312 South Caraway Road. Jonesboro AR, 72404

  • POJ KIDS | Pentecostals Of Jonesboro

    WELCOME TO POJ KIDS! POJ Kids ministers to kids through grade 6. We strive to provide an exciting atmosphere where children can learn biblical stories and concepts; and of course have LOTS of fun in the process. Our POJ Kids team consists of several volunteers who passionately teach, lead, and prepare weekly classes and special events for your child. Safety of your children is a big priority! Our POJ Kids department utilizes "Check-Ins"; a digital system where parents check in their children for classes and events. This allows for our guests and members to know where their children are before, during and after service. Our volunteers go through a screening process with state and federal background checks, CPR certification, and training for our classrooms. SUNDAYS 9AM Sunday School – Children will go to their grade-appropriate classes listed below. All children must check-in before being allowed in class. Guests should proceed to the office for details. Pre-K (Little Learners) Grades 1-3 (Early Elementary) Grades 4-6 (Late Elementary) POJ Kids Church (All Ages) WEDNESDAYS 7PM Midweek Kids Church – Children will meet in the POJ Kids Center. All children must check-in before being allowed to service. Guests should proceed to the office for details. NEED MORE INFO ABOUT POJ KIDS? PLEASE CONTACT ADAM & KRYSTAL DOZIER ​ HERE We look forward to meeting you and your family in POJ Kids!

  • MISSION AND VISION | Pentecostals Of Jonesboro

    Where We're Headed & Why We're Here Share The Gospel. The Gospel literally means "Good News." The good news is that because of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus He has the ability to step into any situation and give you a fresh start where you can have new life in Him. At POJ, the messages are not only life changing but will leave you longing for a stronger relationship with God. We want you to know that the words of Jesus written 2000 years ago still have life changing power. This is good news and we want to share it with everyone! Grow Disciples. To be a disciple is to "follow Jesus." Whether you are just beginning to check out God and the Bible, or have been a committed Christian for years or anywhere in between, our desire is to help you grow as a disciple of Jesus. How do you grow? We believe growth happens as a result of spending time in prayer (communication with God), studying His Word and living (practicing) what God says. We make available corporate bible studies, small group classes, individual home Bible studies as well as various tools and resources to help you grow in your walk with God. Strengthen Families POJ is family focused. We come alongside families offering practical help such as Counseling, Specialized training classes, Financial Stewardship teaching, and Student Ministry from children to college. Every event, gathering, and time together is family friendly. Our 10 Year Vision We hope and pray that in 2030, this can be said of The Pentecostals of Jonesboro: We are a welcoming home to over 1,000 people with the same ethnic makeup as our community, who have experienced the New Birth plan of salvation and are seeking Jesus Christ and growing in the grace of the gospel. With all our efforts wholly dependent on God, we make disciples across all ages; every stage of life has a position in the church. We celebrate 150 baptisms every year. We are a safe place for the broken and suffering to come and find that hope lives here. We send disciples into homes, into neighborhoods, into our city, and into the nations. ​ We have planted and revitalized 5 churches and support over 35 missionaries on the field. We have seen more than 2,000 disciples rise from our 6 campuses, church plants, and revitalization efforts. We are building beyond ourselves, living the greater story together, and creating a multi-generational church for today and tomorrow.

  • LEADERSHIP TEAM | Pentecostals Of Jonesboro

    Our Leadership Team Brock & Hannah Runyan Assistant Pastor Brock and Hannah Runyan have served in ministry together for 9 years. They have worked within every aspect of the church. Their current role as Assistant Pastor of POJ allows them to fulfill their passion for helping others find their place and purpose in the Kingdom of God. Omri & Ali Hodges Student & Worship Pastor Omri Hodges attended Indiana Bible College studying Worship Studies and minoring in Theological Studies. After college Omri returned to his home church in Bentonville, AR then soon married Ali (Melton) Hodges in 2020 while she was currently enrolled at Urshan College studying Human Services. That following year they served as the Creative Arts Ministry Pastor at Calvary Church’s second campus in Lowell, AR before moving to Jonesboro in January of 2022. Dustin & Lacy Thomas Hyphen Pastor Dustin and Lacy have been apart of The Pentecostals of Jonesboro since moving to Jonesboro for college. Since their marriage in 2010, they have been blessed with three children. Individually, they serve the church in different teams and ministries. Together, they lead our Hyphen Group of young adults, and strive to give them the tools to succeed in life, careers, relationships, and ministry! Chris & Chelsie Taylor Outreach Pastor & Children's Ministry Chris and Chelsie Taylor serve as both children’s ministry pastor and the outreach ministry pastor. They have 3 children who they love dearly and another on the way. Their passion and purpose is to share the love and Word of God in every aspect of ministry and circle of influence they are both in. Directors Kim Ramsey - Prayer Coordinator Lee Baggett - POJ Food Pantry Coordinator Dave and Shelley Barley - Hope In Recovery Directors Debbie Johnson - Wonderland Daycare Director Brock Runyan - Purpose Institute Administrator Shelley Goolsby - Secretary Treasurer

  • PURPOSE INSTITUTE | Pentecostals Of Jonesboro

    Training releases potential, your gifts, your inner strength, and the ministry you are called to. Now with easily accessible, incremental training available, there is no reason to not be released! POJ serves as one of Purpose Institute’s 128 campuses around the world. Purpose Institute is dedicated to training leaders, equipping people for ministry, and strengthening believers. For more information about Purpose Institute, please visit their website. For further information and the semester scheduling, please contact Brock Runyan, our PI campus administrator.

  • FOODBANK | Pentecostals Of Jonesboro

    POJ is in the process of starting our Family to Family food bank. We will be working with the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas. When the program starts, we will hand out bags of groceries to anyone in need of food. This is scheduled to happen on the third Friday of every month at 5:00 p.m. PLEASE CHECK BACK SOON FOR MORE DETAILS ON THIS PROGRAM!

  • FOCUS YOUTH | Pentecostals Of Jonesboro

    ABOUT FOCUS YOUTH Focus Youth Ministries is an environment that is inviting to all. Whether you have a deep understanding of the Bible, or are just beginning your spiritual journey, you belong here. We strive to make Focus Youth a place for students to grow in their relationships with families and fellow students. This is a place where students can thrive and develop real relationships that will last for a lifetime. For 12 - 17 Year Olds WITH YOUTH PASTOR OMRI & ALI HODGES SUNDAYS 9AM - FOCUS YOUTH SUNDAY SCHOOL Schedule WEDNESDAYS 7PM - STUDENT SERVICE IN FOCUS YOUTH ROOM

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