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Where We're Headed
& Why We're

Share The Gospel.

The Gospel literally means "Good News." The good news is that because of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus He has the ability to step into any situation and give you a fresh start where you can have new life in Him. At POJ, the messages are not only life changing but will leave you longing for a stronger relationship with God. We want you to know that the words of Jesus written 2000 years ago still have life changing power.  This is good news and we want to share it with everyone!

Grow Disciples.

To be a disciple is to "follow Jesus."  Whether you are just beginning to check out God and the Bible, or have been a committed Christian for years or anywhere in between, our desire is to help you grow as a disciple of Jesus. How do you grow? We believe growth happens as a result of spending time in prayer (communication with God), studying His Word and living (practicing) what God says.  We make available corporate bible studies, small group classes, individual home Bible studies as well as various tools and resources to help you grow in your walk with God.

Strengthen Families

POJ is family focused. We come alongside families offering practical help such as Counseling, Specialized training classes, Financial Stewardship teaching, and Student Ministry from children to college. Every event, gathering, and time together is family friendly.

Our 10 Year Vision

We hope and pray that in 2030, this can be said of The Pentecostals of Jonesboro:

We are a welcoming home to over 1,000 people with the same ethnic makeup as our community, who have experienced the New Birth plan of salvation and are seeking Jesus Christ and growing in the grace of the gospel. With all our efforts wholly dependent on God, we make disciples across all ages; every stage of life has a position in the church.


We celebrate 150 baptisms every year. We are a safe place for the broken and suffering to come and find that hope lives here. We send disciples into homes, into neighborhoods, into our city,

and into the nations.

We have planted and revitalized 5 churches and support over 35 missionaries on the field.


We have seen more than 2,000 disciples rise from our 6 campuses, church plants,

and revitalization efforts.


We are building beyond ourselves, living the greater story together, and creating a multi-generational church for today and tomorrow.

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